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 100% owners of the grain!!! We Work with  L/C, SBLC, T/T !                                                                                                                             
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Sugar products

(wholesale shipment of sugar from Russia)

      Russian grain company Russian Trade Organization has a warehouse program / program reserve supply of sugar products (sugar) of the following categories:

  • Sugar GOST of Russia 33222
  • Refined sugar GOST 31895
  • Milk sugar GOST R 54664
  • Raw sugar GOST of Russia 52305
  • Raw sugar (production Brazil)
  • Liquid Sugar (manufacture)
  • Refinery powder
  • Sucrose for champagne

   The warehouses of the Russian Trade Organization / RTO comes up to 70% of the Belarusian and Russian sugar production and 30% production of sugar production of the BRICS countries.

   Sugar products are supplied with uninterrupted supply to our loyal Customers, without regard to the timing of the breakdown of the Contract.

   All movements of products from the Seller to the Customer on the territory of other States - be sure the Goods are insured!

   Discount system (discount) and deferred payment is only allowed for the food industry







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