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 Russia   -    China 

        Russian Trade Organization established in 2015 as a wholesale supplier of foreign trade of agricultural products between the Russian Federation and the people's Republic of China on the basis of the creation of the BRICS Bank and BRICS.

    Russian Trade Organization / RTO group is a Holding Company for Russia - China.

    Until 2020, the Russian Trading Organization plans to gain a foothold in the China market for the supply of agricultural and fat products: wheat, corn, barley, rapeseed, lentils, chickpeas, sunflower and rapeseed oil and other crops.

   Russian Trade Organization when working with Chinese partners, working only through trusted banks:




     Russian Trade Organization in 2017, passed the test of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation in foreign economic operations between the two countries Russia - China.

   Russian Trade Organisation (RTO) offers the Chinese partners a full range of financial services calculations on agricultural products from Bank credit to the deferred payment at certain agreed conditions.

   Russian Trade Organization ltd. the court is actively using the port for export and cooperates with many Chinese ports. Also, our organization is actively using railway transport to work directly in China, significantly reducing delivery times for ocean freight.

   Russian Trade organisation (RTO) will always strive to provide superior service and approach to the Chinese Consumer, offering an uninterrupted supply of agricultural products for enterprises in the people's Republic of China.

  Our organization PTO is always striving to be ahead of the competition, establishing strategic alliances, offering flexible terms of cooperation for our regular Customers.

   Russian Trade Organization ltd. actively working with the Central Bank of Russia, the New Development Bank, Central Bank of China.

   Have permission for direct delivery to China !


   We are always ready to work with our regular Chinese Customers!









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