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 100% owners of the grain!!! We Work with 100% L/C at sight and T/T payment !                                                                                               
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 Novorossiysk, Russia Tartous - Latakia, Syria

            PJSC Russian Grain Trade Organization was established as a supplier of agricultural products to the Syrian market with the support of the Russian Government. 

      The main production and production is export-import deliveries of milling wheat, food maize, meat of beef and mutton, baking flour (wheat, corn and chickpea), sugar, and also various groats. 

    Also the Russian Grain Trade Organization delivers fodder production for development of animal husbandry: fodder wheat, feed corn, barley, corn bard / DDGS, molasses beet.

   PJSC Russian Trade Organization together with the Syrian Government plans to ensure grain turnover up to 2 million tons per year by 2025.

    Russian Trade Organization will always strive to provide superior service and approach to Customers, offering uninterruptible supply of agricultural products and flexible system of payment for enterprises of the Syrian Arab Republic.

   Our organization RTO is always striving to be ahead of the competition, establishing strategic alliances, offering flexible terms of cooperation for our regular Customers from Syria.

   Consular section of the Embassy of the Russian Federation in the Syrian Arab Republic, Damascus: Omar Ben al-Khattab street, Adawi, Damascus, Syria.

   Department for work with Syrian partners: Russia, Krasnodar, Chernogovskaya, 6.



  We are always glad to cooperate with our Esteemed Syrian partners!









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