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Trade without the USD

The head of the Iranian Central Bank 

       Ali Larijani, the Speaker of Iranian Parliament, who is heading a high-ranking delegation to Russia, met with Vyacheslav Volodin, the Chairman of Russian State Duma, on Thursday in Russia’s southwestern city of Volgograd.

    The two top parliamentarians chaired the meeting of the Iran-Russia inter-parliamentary commission which was attended by the Iranian and Russian parliamentary delegations and deputies of Iranian and Russian ministers as well as members of the commerce chambers of the two countries.

   “The officials of the two countries carried out some negotiations today and they have to inform the parliaments of the two countries of the problems obstructing the path [of developing bilateral trade and ties],” said Iranian top legislator Ali Larijani at the meeting.

  Then Larijani asked Iranian Deputy Road Minister Ahmadi to expound on Iran-Russia cooperation on areas of rail transit and transportation as well as agreements to develop rail networks. After the explanations offered by Ahmadi, Larijani reassured that Parliament assuredly attaches great deal of importance to rail transportation.

  “In the area of energy interactions between the two countries of Iran and Russia, especially about purchasing and investing, Russian companies have made very good measures. The two countries also have good cooperation on agriculture, especially in outsourcing soybeans. On the hand, there are good banking and monetary interactions between the two countries,” he added.

  Volodin, for his part, said that the two countries' parliaments are unanimous about the fact that under current conditions Iran and Russia should have strategic cooperation.

  He added that joint parliamentary meetings between the two countries should continue so that current cooperation will further improve.

  “The two countries can also broaden cooperation in the fields of banking, trade, agriculture and rail transportation,” maintained the Russian top legislator.

   Yesterday, the leaders of Iran, Turkey and Russia discussed trade in local currencies without the use of the dollar. This was announced by the head of the Iranian Central Bank Abdulnaser Hemmati at the end of the meeting.

   "We decided to carry out further work in connection with the agreements for meetings with the head of the Russian Central Bank in Moscow," ILNA quotes the words of the head of the Central Bank of Iran. He said that the main topics of the meeting were the prices of gas and oil, the sale of basic goods, the expansion of ties between banks, the replacement of the dollar with national currencies in international settlements and the strengthening of inter-state economic relations. The head of the Iranian Central Bank noted that the purpose of such economic measures is to strengthen trade relations between Moscow, Tehran and Ankara.




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